Xiaomi M365 1S review

Known for its smartphone and consumer electronic offerings, Xiaomi also carries their own electric scooters. The Mi Electric Scooter M365 1S brings a stunning modern design with an aerospace-grade aluminum black frame and red accents. It features a 500W capable motor that can travel up to 15 mph and a distance of 18.6 miles. When low on a charge, this commuter scooter will take about five hours to charge up from an empty battery. The unit is also IP54 dirt-, dust-, and splash-resistant for your travels.

Coming from Xiaomi, the Mi Electric packs in a collection of extra technology, everything from short circuit protection to under-voltage protection, but also more rider-facing features such as a regenerative battery, LED notification lights, front headlights, and rear brake lights. A smartphone app also allows you to control and view stats about your ride.

Xiaomi M365 1S has a good range, amongst other cool features

This scooter has a range of 25 kilometres at a stretch on flat surfaces, much less going up and down hills, and can go a little over 24 km/h. This is a great alternative to walking! Their battery level is on the handlebars in a nice LED display. This scooter offers a headlamp as well as a tail light which are both LED and will not be big energy consumers. The red taillight will light up when the headlight is lit. And, when the brakes are pressed it will flash to let others know you are stopping or slowing down.

The brakes on the Xiaomi M365 1S are disc brakes on the back that are similar to what you have on a car. And, the front brakes are E-ABS brakes, which is Electronic Anti-Lock Braking System. This will prevent the brakes from totally locking up the wheels and causing a fall.

Overview of the Xiaomi M365 1S

The maximum weight that this scooter is rated for is 100kgs, It has extremely low ground clearance so it's not ideal for everyone. However, we loved the fact that it had nice pneumatic tires that are easily replaced if needed. The LED lights for the headlight and taillight and the dual braking system is great, It does have a very solid, clean and sleek design. And, it's one of the most affordable of the electric scooter options.

The Xiaomi M365 1S is a great alternative to walking or riding your bike. It is great for running simple errands that aren't that far away as well as going over to a friend’s house for an afternoon.

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